Monday, December 23, 2013

Gingerbread Celebration

During the weeks leading up to the winter holiday break, my class worked on putting together gingerbread themed reader's theaters. I presented mini-lessons on reading accuracy, expression, rate, and volume. We practiced our plays together through partner reads, group reads, and independent reads.

We invited other classes to watch our plays. During intermission, we handed out gingerbread cookies and gave students the opportunity to vote on our gingerbread houses.

Third grade had been working on multiplication and money in math class. To tie these concepts into our gingerbread celebration, we worked on compiling a list of items we could use to make a gingerbread house and what each item would cost. We worked on a "cost sheet" that listed all of the items by price. The students worked together to multiply the cost by the number of items that they would purchase. Below is an example of the activity. *** YOU CAN FIND THIS ITEM FOR FREE IN MY TPT STORE  <--- click here ***

The students used this list and a fake budget of $10.00 to order the items they wanted to use to make a gingerbread house. They were challenged to spend as close to $10.00 as they could without going over. During morning homeroom, students were able to purchase the items for their house. They used play money to buy the items and had to figure out the correct amount of change that they would get back in return. I was lucky enough to have brave adult volunteers to join us for the gingerbread house building session!

We displayed our gingerbread village in the main lobby for all to appreciate. During our plays, classes were invited to vote for their favorite gingerbread house.

The students seemed to really enjoy themselves and were able to stay focused during all of the excitement that the holiday season brings! :D

*This is not my original idea. This was an activity found and used by my colleagues*
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