Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sorting Our Syllables

My class has been learning so much in our phonics program the last few weeks. We've been learning about reading and writing words with vowel digraphs, r-controlled vowels, y as a vowel, schwa, and consonant-le patterns. When attacking an unknown word, students are encouraged to break it down into syllable chunks. It's important that they understand syllables in order to identify new words. Each day, I reviewed a different syllable type (VCCV, VCV, VCCCV, and VCCCCV) with students and we practiced spelling words that fit the syllable types on dry erase boards, the Promethean board, and in the air :). On the last day of the week, my students partnered up and completed a syllable sort together. The kids worked really well together and I was able to see how much they learned throughout the review lessons during the week! I love watching their 3rd grade brains in action!!!

(Oh yeah...and it was Breast Cancer Awareness Day! :D My kiddos look smashing in pink <3)

(permission was given for use of photos by parents/guardians)

*Be sure to check back for more centers and printables regarding syllable types and centers!*

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