Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Don't Let My Organized Classroom Fool You

I've only been teaching for a little over 8 years and have collected what feels like MILLIONS of amazing resources that I can't seem to part with - like ever. Each teacher has a bit of a hoarder side. I think this is only true because we are born to utilize everything in our possession to make learning come to life. We never know who we will teach, who we will tutor, or how everything in education will change. A paper towel roll can serve more purposes than you'll ever care to know - possible time capsules, tools to throw during the measurement Olympics, a way to show students how sound carries when you yell into the tube. The possibilities are endless. Throwing something away physically pains me at times because I have thrown/recycled things in the past that I ended up wanting to use again later. Ugh. How does a teacher keep things organized/put away with very little space in a classroom? I have found a way to store many of my teacher resource books, children's books I use for mini-lessons, and center activities without them having to be an eyesore.

My classroom theme this year is "Reaching for the Stars" (SPACE). I happened to luckily still have the super cool shower curtain from my freshman year in college folded neatly in a box I had unknowingly been storing at my parent's house for the last 12 years (thanks, mom :)). I purchased a tension rod and hung my old curtain to hide the tremendous anxiety-causing pile of things I never want to get rid of. They are still easily accessible, but no longer make me look like Pig Pen.

I invite all ideas and tips! :D

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