Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer is more than halfway over!!! To all of my teacher friends that means a few things...1.) it is time to start preparing yourself to see "Back-to-School" ads in the mail and on TV - eeeeek! 2.) It may be time to get back into that classroom to start organizing for the upcoming school year and 3.)It is time to reflect on the things that you may want to change for this school year. I am now entering year 9 of teaching at the elementary level and I still have yet to master the art of having smooth transitions. I will be spending the next week researching ways to do this with ease!!! What do you want to change???

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  1. This is a great question, and one to really think about! When I thought about it, I decided that I want to do a better job knowing what is going on socially in my classroom. I feel like I am always caught up in "the day" that when someone would ask who is friends with who and what is the dynamic, I am at a loss. That's my goal - be more socially aware of my students :)